100 Days of School and Half Term Homework

100 Reasons to Celebrate

What an interesting sight on Monday when all of the centenarians strolled into school! The outfits were brilliant. The big kids and the little kids had a lot of fun pretending to be 100 years old. We wrote about what life is like at 100 and talked about all the ways we represented 100 in our homework project.



After all of our counting and writing, we prepared for our very special party.  Year 1 danced to popular tunes of the last 100 years. From the Charleston in the 1920’s, to ‘Run Rabbit Run’, Elvis, The Beatles, Abba, MC Hammer all the way to the recent hit, Dance Monkey.

Our Year 1 Superheroes showed the young whippersnappers how to bust a move and we celebrated with cake.



Year 1 Homework Science Everyday Materials

This term in Science we are studying ‘Everyday Materials’.

We are aiming for the children to be able to distinguish between an object and the material it is made from;

E.g. Object = window          Material = glass

Thank you for your support.

Year 1 Teachers            Due on Monday 24th February 2020


Which objects can you find around the house?

What materials are they made from?


100 Days of School Homework

 Year 1 Homework Wednesday 29th January to Monday 10th February.


100th Day of School       Monday 10th February 2020

Our Year 1 classes will be celebrating the 100th Day of school on Monday 10th February 2020. To mark this special occasion, the number 100 is the inspiration for all of our lessons! We’re inviting all Y1 children to dress up as 100 year olds.

On our 100th Day we are asking children to bring in something that represents 100. Here are some ideas you can choose from:

  • 100 things about me. 100 things I like.
  • 100 animals
  • A collage/drawing with 100 objects.
  • A collection of 100 pennies
  • A bag of 100 cotton wool balls
  • 100 names of famous people
  • 100 paper clips, jelly beans, lolly sticks, pebbles, leaves, animal names, grains of rice, pasta shapes, beads, etc.

The possibilities are endless. We can’t wait to see what you bring in!

Please can your child label their items clearly with their name and class.  We will be showing our 100 collections to children in KS1.

Thank you very much,

Year 1 teachers

Phonics Workshop on Monday 27th January and Our Highlights this Week

Teach Your Parents to Read Workshop

We’re looking forward to welcoming parents to our workshop on Monday 27th January from 2:15pm to 3:15pm.


During this workshop you will join your child in their Phonics group, allowing you to experience learning alongside them. This will not only encourage your child, but it will also provide you with support and knowledge that can develop your engagement with your child’s reading at home.


This afternoon will be fun and engaging and the children will love it if you could join us! There will also be opportunity for you to ask class teachers any questions you may have about the upcoming statutory Phonics Screening Check.


You must arrive at the Infant Office, no later than 2:15pm to ensure you have time to be signed in and directed to your child’s group. Unfortunately if you are running late and have not signed in by 2:15pm, you will not be admitted as we cannot interrupt the sessions.


We really hope you can join us!

The deadline for reply slips was Friday 24th January. However, if you would like to join us and haven’t returned a slip, please let teachers know on Monday morning.


This week in Class 1P

We have been building our speed and accuracy with our Daily Maths challenges. This week we were joint winners of the attendance award. Wilf and Daisy took part in our lessons.



We have been working on ‘One More’ and ‘One less’ than a given number.

Impact: The children are becoming more fluent with numbers through the practice of counting on and back along the number line. They are practising frequently and are starting to read word problems more independently.


We have introduced ‘Colourful Semantics’ to help children work on sentence structure and check that their statements make sense. They can think about the ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ of their sentences.

E.g. WHO- The wolf       WHAT DOING- blew     WHERE- down the house.


In Science this week we worked together to sort objects by their materials and describe materials by their properties.



England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Sun and rain, snow and gales!


This week we have been learning about the four countries of the United Kingdom and working on our map reading.

Where in the UK have you been?


We would like you to label the map with the 4 UK countries and also dot/make a key to locate any towns or cities you may have visited. If you have any postcards/photographs or souvenirs from these places, we would love to see them or maybe you could write a couple of sentences to describe these places and what you saw there.

You can use our Digimap school subscription to look at online maps of the UK.

Stanley pupils have free access to http://digimapforschools.edina.ac.uk/

Username: FY39UT       Password: scurfs6435


Our Geography work will continue with our study of the Polar regions and towards the start of summer term we will be touring the different continents.

Here is the link to the ‘Seven Continents Song’ that we all enjoy in 1P.





Timid Ted goes to bed

Timid Ted is our Science mascot and he will be visiting houses this term to help children record the number of daylight hours.

Ted goes to bed when the sun sets and it is dark. He wakes up when the sun rises. If you have Ted visiting your house, please record the times in the booklet.IMG_0201We will be reading the information together and working out which season has the most daylight hours.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Precycle!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas break and a great start to the New Year.

At Christmastime, there are many items that end up in the bin and we wish to reduce the amount of paper that is wasted.

Year 1 are happy to collect your old Christmas cards which we can use in future craft projects. You may wish to cut off the front covers of the cards and remove any personal messages before sending them in to school this week. Children can hand old cards to their class teachers.

Thank you for supporting this effort. We will be exploring more ways to reduce waste this term.



Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We will be collecting all of the reading books, library books and phonics books by the end of term on Friday 20th December. Please can you ensure that all of these books have been returned to class teachers.

Thank you very much for your support at home with regular reading. The children make good progress when they are listening to stories at home with family and using their phonics skills to decode and read their phonics books independently.


Christmas Homework

During the Christmas holidays we would like you to:

  • Spend time with the people that you care about.
  • Do the things you enjoy.
  • Eat the food you love.
  • Watch your favourite Tv programmes/films- The Tiger Who came for Tea is on Christmas Eve at 7.30pm. We are going on a Bear Hunt is on Christmas Day at 7.35 am.
  • Make someone laugh.
  • Do something kind for someone.
  • Visit your favourite place.
  • Play with your toys.


And finally….

Come back to school in January refreshed and ready to learn.

Have lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!